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Joey Daniels is the founder of Warriors in Christ, Joey by his own admission has had a very chequered past. Joey's brother died when he was a young child and living in the east end of London Joey fell in with the wrong crowd and ended up working in the protection racket. Joey was on a downward sprial commiting crimes with machetes, sawn off shot guns and other arms, his life was so bad he even played russian roulette playing with his own life. He was labeled a prolific violent offender by the judicial system when he was sent to prison for 25years for his crimes.

Whilst in prison he was given a New Testament tract initally his reaction was to use the pages as cigarette papers as they were nice and thin and real papers were hard to come by, by the time he actually got round to reading it he only had the last book left Revelations. He read this and this was the start of his new life and all the good work he has done since.

Joey leads Warriors in Christ and has helped over 52 people recover from their addictions/circumstances. He also preaches and gives testimony, his story is a very compelling and dramatic one which speaks to people in all walks of life, not everyone has the backgound Joey has had but we can all learn from his experiences.

If you would like to hear Joey speak/preach and hear the full story of how Christ has saved his life then please use the form on the right to contact him directly.


Warriors in Christ is divided into 4 sections (click on the relevant title for further information)

Recovery Course The course where you can replace an addiction with positive activities and steps to recovery

Team Transform A number of people who have gone through the Recovery Course now working voluntarily in and around the local community

Romans Prison visits, letterwriting and release programs

Warriors Unite A football team for the 18+

Joey also preaches and gives testimonies along with some of the guys who have been saved through the programmes on offer. Click here to contact Joey for further information about the ministry.

All that the ministry undertakes could not happen without the full support of Crewkerne Community Church

We thank the local businesses in Crewkerne who sponsor Warriors in Christ, including Jazziez, Footprintz, Menders, Homefayre, Roundtable, Rotary Club, James Hardware and Roundtable Yeovil.